Jim Starr Quick Look
Jim's Quick Portfolio Sampler
Big Sam Book
Children's Adventure Story Book featuring Paul Bunyan- like Character Represented for Children's Publishing by MB Artists
Calendar Art for Rogue Creamery. Scratchboard Art
Calendar Art for Rogue Creamery, Central Point Oregon. Jim Illustrated each individual piece by hand with scratchboard and ink . He scanned the images and vectorized the art in Adobe Illustrator and added color.
Great Gold Rush Adventure Book
Children's Adventure Story in the Alaska Gold Rush Represented for Children's Publishing by MB Artists
White House Holiday Tour Book
Paintings for the 2017 Christmas Tour Book
Childrens Publishing
Represented for Children's Publishing by MB Artists
Portraits & Caricatures
Greek gods Character Art
5 Greek gods illustrated as heroes
Graphic Style
Bold, Clean, mostly flat color.
Realism/Airbrush Style
Polished realistic rendered illustrations
Paintings/Pastel Style
Digital Paintings of Oil, Pastel, Watercolor
Speckle/Pointillism Style
Textural pointillistic splatter airbrush
Pen & Ink Style
Croquille pen hand drawn line
Travel, vacation related illustrations
Scratchboard/Woodcut Style
Scratchboard and Woodcut line base
Humorous art suitable for cartoons and comics.
Holiday Art
Holiday Themed Illustration
Icons/Spot Graphics
Icons and Spot Graphics
Jim's map illustration samples
Beebe Medical Center Montage
Montage Illustration for Beebe Medical Center
Character Design
Development of Unique characters & personalities that follow a story
Informational Graphics, Diagrams
Illustration used in Logos and for Branding
Editorial and conceptual Illustration
Historical imagery, Decorative Borders
Equity Risk Website Banners
Web Banners for Equity Risk.
GE Power Plants
Series for GE mobile powerplants
Oil Paintings Traditional
Hand Painted Oils on Board for commission
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